Anurag Rajandekar, Bangalore (India)


A software engineer by profession and loves to write about topics that are related to technology which I learn on day-to-day basis. This blog gives me a platform to express my views and share my learning as well. There is so much exciting stuff in the field of technology (be it mobile, web, cloud and so on..) going around us now a days and it’s so hard to dig through each and every thing. Even though I love to explore each and every new concept I see, it is difficult to apprehend that information. The reason I started this blog is to document my learning which I can refer back easily. I believe that if I can explain a complex thing to my self, I can explain it to others as well and that’s what I love to do.

Education background

I did Masters in Information Technology from IIIT Bangalore .As far as my area of interest is concerned, I love to explore UX (User Experience), Rapid Prototyping, Technical Writing (Visual and Written communication), Information development.

Professional career

The first steps into the professional world started right at IIIT where I did internship for Kollabia, a start-up born out of an idea of bringing together the musician all over the world onto one single platform. Currently, I am associated with GT Nexus that provides Supply Chain Management solutions over cloud. Luckily, since the beginning of my career I have been associated with the companies that works on cloud computing model true to their core.