Data visualization

Tableau: Using Sorting and Ranking functionality on data set

Many a times when we import data set in Tableau, we simply cannot put the data as it is. Most of the times, we have to sort the data in ascending and descending order. We can perform such operations on tableau very easily. Sorting of data set Taking a data set of total population by […]

Tableau: working with worksheet and creating Dashboard

One thing that Tableau does very well is that it makes creating dashboards so easy that almost everybody can use it without much complexity. The core structure is very basic, you work on your data set in worksheets and finally while presenting that data you move everything to a dashboard. Let’s see how to create […]

Tableau: Working with different filetypes

To understand Tableau better, we have to look into different file types that Tableau supports. Let’s get started: Tableau Workbook (.twb) This file type is the most commonly used one in Tableau. It holds all the information related to worksheets and dashboard and the metadata used for data source as well. The file saved is […]

Tableau: Introduction and Product Offerring

Tableau is a software program that enables user to visualize data that can come from different data source like MS Excel, Access, SQL, etc. Now a days we have loads of data which if kept idle doesn’t make any sense, until we visualize the data properly. On a high level Tableau product offering looks like […]