Hyperlapse App from Instagram: Speed is the new filter

Instagram recently launched a new iPhone app called Hyperlapse which allows user to record videos and apply speed filter on them and then post them onto social network. This app is the first app out side of the Instagram umbrella. Always wondered how those time lapse videos are made, well professionally that requires quite a […]

SpaceX: Falcon 9 malfunction

SpaceX Falcon 9 reusable rocket suffered a setback on August 22nd 2014 when it got self destructed because of some on-board anomaly. This is the first major problem SpaceX has encountered after successive launches of their dragon space module to ISS (International Space Station). SpaceX has been a front runner in terms of private space […]

First website of Microsoft from 1994

Today, while going through some random articles, I stumbled upon a piece from history. Microsoft has shared their first website¬†from year 1994. Its amazing to see how the world wide web has evolved from that time. Probably, something which we don’t even consider looking today (going by the appearance of website), it is a remarkable […]

Google Maps launched in Hindi

Here is some good news for Indian users of Google Maps . Google has recently launched the version of Google Maps that supports Hindi. This is a great initiative which will help in reducing the language barrier in using one of the most popular Google product. The new version displays information in both Hindi and […]