Network Security

CrytoLocker: The scariest ransom ware

Ransom ware, a trojan virus that encrypts or locks the file and asks for your money to unlock those files within a specific deadline. If you don’t provide the amount asked for, the programs either destroys the file or the keys used for encryption kept on its host servers. What is Cryptolocker CryptoLocker is a […]

Let’s go “Phishing”

Phishing, in the terminology of internet world is used for a technique which hackers generally use to steal the information from user. In this attack, hackers sends via email user with a fraud copy of the high importance sites like banks that looks legitimate. A normal person feels like an information being asked from the […]

Google Transparency Report

One of the main concerns of visiting an unknown website for the first time is what if that site is compromised, what is it downloads some malicious content on our system, how do we get such kind of information.  Our good old search engine “Google” steps in to help. Google has released a page tracking […]

Stuxnet – The most brillinat kid of cyber crime world

Imagine a top notch Hollywood style movie that has some mind blowing hacking stuff to shut down a nuclear plant of a enemy country which probably is gearing up for a possible nuclear test. Sounds crazy but this thing has come out of Hollywood to our real world and the best example is none other […]

Capturing Network data using WireShark

Wireshark –  An open source network packet analyzer that lets you identify that minutest details about the packet which you require for trouble shooting in the whole ocean of network data and guess what it does this in real time too. Wireshark converts packet data to human readable form and color code them to make […]

A sneak peak to HTTP protocol

HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol allows us to send and receive various content over internet. Lies in the Application Layer  of Internet protocol suite, HTTP is the base of modern web communication. But how HTTP does all these things, lets figure out. HTTP works on request-response model of communication. On a high level user […]

Malicious Java script – Catch the bad code

Java script as we know it today became an important part of of web interaction. Initially introduced to have rich client side interaction,  now a days it became a popular medium for hackers. We cannot even imagine a website now, which is running without java script. How does it help hackers There are certain well […]