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Creating professional diagrams with Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a powerful tool that allows user to create professional diagrams that helps in structuring the complex information and make it stunningly beautiful for the end-user to consume that information.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio Screenshot source: Wikipedia

Information templates

An organization consists of different business units like marketing, sales, engineering, customer support, Human Resource, etc and each one of them will have a different set of information flow. For example, marketing will need to show the organization’s business vertical similarly engineering deals with the data model or use case design. Visio does a great job in providing a common platform to cater almost all the needs of an organization.

To quick start the process of creating nice professional diagrams, Visio provide some basic templates for the most common use cases. Some of these templates includes:

  • Basic flow charts
  • Organization charts
  • Detailed network diagram
  • Office layout
  • UML diagram
  • Brainstorming diagram

Different flavors of Visio

Visio Standard is for someone who is basically looking for a good platform for creating professional diagrams. This version of visio consists of rich set of stencils that helps in creating diagrams

Visio Professional is more advanced package of visio that contains all the functionality of standard version. Along with it, professional version contains the collaborative ability where multiple users can work on the same diagram. Also, user can link the data to the diagram which helps in rendering the diagram in real-time.

Visio Pro for office 365 is available as a subscription version to Office 365 users.

Good thing which Microsoft introduce in Visio 2013 version is the introduction of the same rendering engine that Power point uses. Now, you will get the same style and diagram options in visio that you get while using power point.

Now, get past the boring way of presenting the corporate information and make it fun and easy to understand for the end-user.

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