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Hyperlapse App from Instagram: Speed is the new filter

Instagram recently launched a new iPhone app called Hyperlapse which allows user to record videos and apply speed filter on them and then post them onto social network. This app is the first app out side of the Instagram umbrella. Always wondered how those time lapse videos are made, well professionally that requires quite a bit of setup and a lot of patience to do the video editing work. With this app, Instagram has provided the same abilities in everyone’s hand with an iPhone. Now no more boring object tracking videos, you can really make them artistic using Hyperlapse.

What is Time Lapse photography/video

Time lapse photography is nothing but the technique of capturing frames at a much lower rate, so that once they are played back on the normal speed objects in the image appears to be moving faster. An example of Time Lapse Photography is show below

Source: reddit.com

How Instagram has altered the scene

When you shoot such images/video, there is a lot of post processing work we have to perform to make the image stable and not shaky. Hyperlapse does this automatically for you. The inbuilt algorithm works on the recorded video frames and focuses on the center of the frame and cropping the edges. In this way video appears to be steady even though it was shaky while recording. The only point a user has to keep in mind is not to keep the object in focus at the edges of the frame, because during post processing you might lose them when the edges are cropped.

Simple User Interface

Hyperlapse app user interface

Hyperlapse UI Source: wired.com

Hyperlapse UI is very simple with just one recording button at the center and after you record your video you can directly apply the speed filter (1x-12x) and then publish that video. Instagram’s engineer has done a fabulous job of keeping things simple for the user who wants to capture his/her creativity rather than dealing with the complex setup and cost issue. With this app, your simple person tracking video looks poetic too.

With the current app, if you have iphone 4 you can shoot upto 10 mins of the video and with iphone 5 upto 45 mins. I am sure user’s from other platform (read Android) will be waiting desperately to get this one and hopefully Instagram will release one soon.

Hyperlapse experience

Instagram has release a video showing the capabilities of the Hypelapse app. Here, you can easily see what a normal video looks like when shot on a regular camera and what it looks like when shot through Hyperlapse app.

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