SpaceX: Falcon 9 malfunction



SpaceX Falcon 9 reusable rocket suffered a setback on August 22nd 2014 when it got self destructed because of some on-board anomaly. This is the first major problem SpaceX has encountered after successive launches of their dragon space module to ISS (International Space Station).

SpaceX has been a front runner in terms of private space vehicle industry and with the development of Falcon 9 reusable rocket, they have shown that the heavy cost of space flights can be taken under control. Hopefully, this incident do not put brakes on their plans to provide the manned space flights in the near future.

The Private Space

Going to space is a costly affair and the kind of funds this industry requires can only be afforded by governments. But since last few years, we have seen some events of budget cuts in the space programs all over the world

Most prominently, NASA retired Space Shuttles from service because of high cost involved per mission. This delivered a major blow to the capabilities of space transportation but at the same time it has opened new avenues for the private players like SpaceX to jump into this lucrative market.

SpaceX was founded on the grounds of providing cheap space transportation facilities by using reusable rockets like falcon 9 and further manned mission to mars probably.

Here is a video showing the controlled test flight of Falcon 9 reusable rocket