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Statistical Analysis with R

R is powerful language for doing the statistical analysis of your data and visualize the result. In the last decade, R has gained tremendous traction among the people involved in data and business analyses. Being open source, R has attracted some unique contributions from the community because of which it now stands tall when compared to industry leading solutions like SAS & SPSS

Playing with R

R is available for download at http://www.r-project.org/. By default, R comes as a command line offering but there are options present for those who like to work in an IDE environment.

RStudio provides the same level of flexibility what command line offer with some added advantage. Before you use RStudio, you must have R installed on your system. When you install RStudio on your system, it should look something like this:


Writing some basic samples

When you first start RStudio, you will be presented with some boilerplate information on the console (left hand side). If you want to get rid of that content, just use CTRL + L. You can clear out the console pressing Edit menu as well

To create a new file in RStudio, you can use CTRL + SHIFT + N or you can click the little plus sign on the top left corner of the screen as shown below


Let’s write some sample statements and see how to execute them to get the result

In this sample program, I am adding two number 1 + 5


To execute this statement, Go to Line number 3 and press CTRL + ENTER


[1] shows the index of the vector and along with it, console out put shows 6 which is the summation result.

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